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Customized Solutions for Your Company's Unique Needs

Whether your company has an entire department dedicated to compliance and sustainability, or just a few heroes from various departments trying to figure out how this all works: our team is here for you!

How do we differ from recyclers or e-waste vendors you may have worked with in the past?

Simple: Our team believes that the approach to a project is just as important as delivering on that project. We don't believe in a one size, fits all model because each client brings their own culture, their own internal standards for success.

Our project management take on Recycling and EPR related issues ensures that your internal deadlines and needs are met right along with your compliance requirements!

Working with Recyclers Around the Country: Transparency is Key.

We work with industry experts to ensure due diligence is completed on our clients' behalf!

Our team of compliance experts use a variety of tools customizing each audit program to meet your needs!

It's impossible to be in two places at once— but our team makes every effort!

Some of the ways we can help you include:


We identify factors about the devices you manufacturer and alert you of obligations you have in relevant states. Our experts will walk you through each state law to ensure that you understand exactly what actions you need to take, and estimate a financial impact before you are locked into a contract.

Registration and Reporting:

You will never miss a deadline again! Our team will work directly with the state governments to file all necessary documents and reporting.

Full Service Tracking:

We don't disappear when the paperwork is filed! In fact, that's when we get to work. We provide regular updates to via our Pace Chart to let you know how much weight the recyclers have collected compared to your goal in each state.

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